Administrative Tow Hearings

In the case of a Village of Bloomingdale administrative impound tow, the sole purpose of an administrative hearing is to determine, by a preponderance of the evidence, whether the vehicle was in fact towed and impounded in accordance with the Village of Bloomingdale's Administrative Tow Ordinance 2010 - 2007 (PDF).

Hearing's Purpose
The purpose of the hearing is not to determine guilt or innocence in regard to any tickets or criminal charges related to the incident, as that will be determined in court. The $500 impound fee will not be negotiated in the hearing. Unless you can produce a credible case that your towed vehicle was not in violation of the ordinance, the Hearing Officer will likely uphold the tow. If the Hearing Officer upholds the validity of the tow, you will be liable for the fines and penalties set forth by the ordinance.

Requesting a Hearing
As the owner of a vehicle towed / impounded under the Village of Bloomingdale administrative tow ordinance, you have the option to request an administrative hearing to contest the validity of the tow. It is your choice whether or not to proceed with a hearing. It is not mandatory to have a hearing.

All administrative hearings will be conducted at:
Village Hall
201 S. Bloomingdale Road
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Such hearings are civil (not criminal) proceedings. The hearings are less formal than a criminal proceeding. In an administrative hearing, a Hearing Officer will hear the matter. Hearing Officers are experienced attorneys, and are required to undergo State mandated training to be professional, fair, and courteous.

Scheduling a Hearing
If, after being made aware of the above information, you wish to proceed with a hearing, please complete a Request For Administrative Hearing Form (PDF) and return it within 14 calendar days from the date of the tow. This form must be returned to the Bloomingdale Police Department, which is located at:
201 S. Bloomingdale Road
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

You will be contacted by the Hearing Officer, who will schedule the hearing within 30 days.