Award Winning Notification Scam

The Award Winning Notification scam is sent either by letter or by email and is going strong.

Recognizing the Scam
Recently, an individual was sent a letter with a realistic-looking check that congratulates them as 1 of the winners of the North American Utilities drawing. The winners were selected through a computer ballot system, drawn from 149,000 telephone numbers and utilities bills of individuals who sign up for the services.

The letter / email notifies the individual that the lump sum pay out of $48,500 can be issued once they receive the $2,980 to cover the charges / fees associated to the Lotto Regulatory Board.

A phone number is provided to coordinate the collection of your winnings and they ask for confidentiality until your prize money is received to avoid multiple claims.

Keep in Mind
Remember that the check may look legitimate so that you won't want to pass up the winning opportunity. This is done on purpose.