Bloomingdale Area Schools

Public Schools

Elementary K-12 School Districts:
  • Bloomingdale District 13 (Bloomingdale)
  • Community Consolidated District 93 (Carol Stream)
  • Keeneyville District 20
  • Marquardt District 15 (Glendale Heights)
  • Medinah District 11
High School Districts:
  • Glenbard High School District 87
    • Glenbard East (Grades 9-12) (Lombard)
    • Glenbard North (Grades 9-12) (Carol Stream)
  • Lake Park High School - District 108
    • East Campus (Grades 9 and 10) (on Medinah Road in Roselle)
    • West Campus (Grades 11 and 12) (on Bryn Mawr in Roselle)
School Directory

School District Map
WESTFIELD TULIPS (2) (300x153)
Private Schools 

Elementary Schools
  • Medinah Christian (Medinah)
  • St. Isidore (Bloomingdale)
  • St. Matthew (Glendale Heights)
  • St. Walter Catholic (Roselle)
  • Trinity Lutheran (Roselle)
High School
  • St. Francis (Wheaton)
Higher Education
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Bloomingdale is located within the College of DuPage (COD) School District.  COD is located in Glen Ellyn, and is the largest community college in Illinois, enrolling more than 36,000 part- and full-time students annually.