Tree Planting Program

 The Village Board has again allocated funds for this very successful program initiated in 1982. The program provides trees, including planting, at a 50/50 cost sharing with the Village. The trees will be planted in Spring 2024 and are available for residential, business or commercial properties. The intent of the program is to further beautify the streetscape. All 50/50 trees must remain visible from the street, and must be planted in the front yard adjacent to the street or, if a corner property lot, may be planted in either the front or side yard adjacent to the street. 

Business and commercial properties wishing to participate should contact Jim Johnson, Urban Forester, at 630-671-5804 prior to submitting a Program Request Form. Residents seeking parkway tree replacements should contact the Forestry Division at 630-671-5800. All parkway trees (whether ash tree replacements, infills, etc.) will be planted by the Village, if space allows, at no cost to the homeowner.  

Tree Planting Guidelines

1.    The program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis subject to available annual funding amounts.  Participants must complete and submit the Program Request Form by December 1, 2023. No payment is required at this time. Invoices will be sent to successful Program Requests around February 1, 2024.

2.    Trees will be 2½” caliper, unless stated otherwise. Trees will be quality nursery stock but not specimen plants.

3.    The Village reserves the right to disapprove requests based on conflicts, safety, or proper spacing.

4.    Removal of dead trees, stumps and/or large roots is not included and must be performed by the applicant before March 15th.

5.    Each residential parcel will be limited to one tree per year. Each business or commercial property will be limited to two trees per year.

6.    Participants will be given the opportunity to mark the desired location for the tree; however, the Village Forester retains the right to change the location, if necessary.

7.    We anticipate the total cost of each 2½” caliper tree planted will range between $200 and $350, with the Village paying half of this amount.

8.    Trees will be guaranteed for one year. Participants are responsible for all watering which will be described in instructions furnished by the Village.

9.    If further information is desired, contact Jim Johnson, Urban Forester, at 630-671-5804.