Land Preservation & Watershed Protection

  1. Composting Yard Waste

    Bloomingdale encourages all residents to compost their grass clippings and leaves.

  2. Conservation Foundation

    The mission of the Conservation Foundation is "to preserve natural areas and open space, protect rivers and watersheds, and promote stewardship of our environment."

  3. Help Prevent Polluted Runoff Water

    Polluted runoff water occurs when rain and melting snow carry pollutants from streets, parking lots, yards or construction sites and wash them into storm drains; learn how you can help the community prevent this!

  4. No Dumping – Keep Our Waterways Clean

    Learn why it is so important to keep the waterways clean, and how to best do so.

  1. RxBox

    Bloomingdale Township residents may dispose of their medications into the RX Drop Box 24 hours / 7 days per week at no charge.

  2. Using a Rain Barrel

    Use rain barrels or catchers to collect and store rainwater from rooftops for lawn and garden use.

  3. DuPage Wetland & Streams Stormwater Management

  4. DuPage County Stormwater Collection App