EAB Response Plan for Village Property

Current Infestations of Ash Trees
The Village Services Forestry Division continues to monitor the extent of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation throughout town. There are confirmed infestations of village-owned ash trees on the west side of the village in the subdivisions and parkways along the Springfield Drive corridor and subdivisions immediately east, as well as in subdivisions in the central and eastern parts of the village. The village's ash tree inventory totals approximately 2400, about 24% of the total village-owned tree inventory of 10,334.

Our Response
With the guidance of the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA), the village has developed the following response to a confirmed infestation of EAB of village-owned trees. The Forestry Division will be:
  • Surveying and inspecting the trees on an ongoing basis, prioritizing those showing stress.
  • Removing infested trees to slow the spread.
  • Implementing a 15-year removal and replacement plan anticipating that the EAB infestation will affect the entire village ash population and recognizing that the village has a large number of ash trees with concentrations in a number of neighborhoods.
  • Planting replacements of infested trees in either spring or fall with a diversity of species not susceptible to EAB.
  • Attempting to replace a tree removed within 1 year of removal.
  • Pilot testing insecticidal treatments on a limited basis as the science to thwart the infestation evolves.
  • Completing replacement of trees infested by the EAB as a priority over infill trees and other replacements, as funds are available.
  • Prohibiting planting Ash trees (Fraxinus species) on any property for any reason within the municipal boundaries of the village of Bloomingdale.
In addition, the infested trees removed will be chipped and/or tub ground pursuant to Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA) recommended practices. Ash tree tub ground mulch product is considered safe for use. Therefore both village programs of applying mulch products and offering tub ground mulch products for pick-up will continue.