Composting Yard Waste

Bloomingdale encourages all residents to compost their grass clippings and leaves. Composting grass clippings and leaves, not only saves money on yard waste bags and stickers, it produces a rich nutrient excellent for mulching applications to enhance your landscape. Composting supports the environment.

Nationwide, yard waste accounts for nearly 20% of all garbage generated each year. Area landfills don't accept yard waste because they are already nearing maximum capacity, requiring yard waste to be transported far distances for proper disposal.

Composting Process

Composting is a biological process that decomposes organic material under aerobic (oxygen required) conditions. A compost bin is typically used to deposit and house the yard waste during the decomposition process.

Curbside Collection Available

Should composting not be an option for you, the village contracts with SBC Waste Solutions for the curbside collection of yard waste April 1 to November 30 of each year for all single-family attached and detached units.