Water Conservation Tips

Are you wondering what you can do to take control of your costs for water and sewer and minimize the rising costs? Conserving water makes good financial sense because, when you reduce your consumption through conservation actions, you will reduce your water bill, as well as have a positive effect on the environment.

Here are a few specific actions you can take to both conserve water and control your water use, which should also help control or possibly reduce your water bill.

Fix Leaks
Probably the single greatest water waster is a leaky toilet. A simple worn-out flapper valve could waste a gallon of water every 10 minutes. This is almost 150 gallons of water wasted each day. Fixing the leaky toilet could reduce your water bill by $111.
Install Water Flow Restrictors
While a long, hot shower might feel good in the winter months it’s an easy way to use an extra 500 gallons of water a month. Install water flow restrictors on your shower heads and possibly reduce your water bill by $12.

Lawn Watering
A deep, green lawn really looks great, but all that watering might be costing you an extra $40 each water bill. When you step on your grass, if it springs back up, it’s healthy and might not need as much water. Cut back on the unnecessary watering and reduce your water bill.