3/50 Project

Which three Bloomingdale businesses would you miss if they closed their doors?  Maybe it's the pizza joint where you regularly grab the best tasty slice in town.  Perhaps it's the local drug store where the pharmacist knows both you and your family members by name.  What would you do without the local florist who knows exactly what your wife will love for your anniversary? 

In support of Bloomingdale's Small Businesses, the Village is a sponsor of the 3/50 Project; a national initiative with the primary mission of "Saving the Brick & Mortars Our Nation is Built On."  The 3/50 Project has a simple message: Pick 3 local businesses; Spend $50 each month at them collectively.  Money spent in locally owned stores, retains more money for the local economy, whereas $0 comes back when purchases are made online. 

For a list of Bloomingdale Business Participants requesting your support, please visit the 3/50 Project Website.