Adopt a Storm Inlet

Localized flooding occurs when large storms drop more precipitation than the storm drainage system can immediately drain away, and/or when storm inlets, culvert inlets, and/or storm sewers are blocked.

We can't control the amount large storms; however, we all can work together to minimize flooding caused by blocked storm inlet grates, clogged private driveway culverts, and storm sewers.

Inlets & Ditches
The village requests property owners to ‘Adopt an Inlet' to help keep inlet grates clean of leaves, branches, and debris year round (plastic bags, newspapers, plastic bottles etc.), and from snow and ice in the winter time.
Storm Inlet Blocked
In areas with roadside ditches, (such as the Indian Lakes Subdivision), ditches should also be kept clean of debris, lawn clippings and leaves that clog inlet grates and private roadway culverts.

Be Safe
Always use caution for your personal safety when clearing the storm inlets and/or private culvert pipes. If the structures are underwater, please do not attempt to clear them and contact Public Works at 630-671-5800. On weekends or after hours, contact the Police Department at 630-529-9868.