Water Production 

The Village of Bloomingdale average daily demand for water is 2.4 million gallons per day (mgd); the record demand for water is 4.5 mgd on July 13, 1992. The Village's water is provided through a DuPage Water Commission Agreement for Lake Michigan Water which is treated by the City of Chicago at the Jardine Filtration Plant next to Navy Pier. Water is pumped from the Jardine plant to the DuPage Water Commission (DWC) pump station in Elmhurst. Village receives water from DWC at two metered locations, the Gary Avenue Pumping Station and the Winston Lane Pumping Station. Our contract with the DWC allows us to receive 1.7 times our lake water allocation. Excess amounts must be drawn from our reservoirs. As we proceed through dry weather periods operations must balance the system demands to the replenishment of the reservoirs.

The Water Production Division routinely collects water samples for chlorine, pH, temperature, and bacteriological analysis. These parameters are required to be collected daily or monthly and submitted with monthly operating reports to IEPA. In addition annual programs such as Lead and Copper, Trihalomethanes and Inorganic chemicals are collected and analyzed.