Choosing What to Share

Personal Information
  • Your Photo: Upload a photo of yourself or loved one and when you call 911 the dispatcher will forward it to the police, paramedics and fire fighters that are responding - so they’ll know exactly who they’re looking for when they arrive on the scene.
  • Your Calling Location: Now for the first time 911 operators can determine your location based on the GPS in your cell phone, even if your call drops (only on select phones). With Smart911, the police and paramedics can locate you more quickly in an emergency.
  • Your Name and Personal Pin: With Smart911, the 911 operator will know more about you - like your name or a personal identification number you choose. In the event you are being coerced or threatened, just give the wrong pin and they’ll be able to recognize the situation and help you more quickly.
  • Physical Description: Simply by knowing your height, weight and eye color, paramedics and firefighters can better identify you and your family members in an emergency.
  • Age / Gender: Similar to physical description, knowing the age and the gender of your family members can help police, fire and paramedics identify them should they be injured.
Household Details
  • Family Profile: When firefighters are rescuing a family from a burning house how do they know that everyone is out? With Smart911, call takers can tell firefighters exactly how many people live in your house.
  • Photos of Children: Today when a child goes missing there’s a delay before an Amber Alert can be triggered - the police have to acquire a photo of the missing child. With Smart911, a high quality photo of the child is ready immediately.
  • Household Access: With Smart911 call takers can tell firefighters in route exactly what to expect - where the gas shut off value in your house is or where the exits are. For those living in apartment buildings they’ll have a layout of the apartment complex.
  • Pet Information: In a house fire it’s important that pets don’t get left behind either. With Smart911 you can add all our family pets to your profile to make sure that first responders rescue them as well.
  • Emergency Contacts: For minors or seniors with Alzheimer’s, call takers can see the contact info of their care-taking family members to reach out to them when the 911 call is not a life threatening incident.
Medical Information
  • Medications: With Smart911, you can securely share all the information about the medications you and your loved ones are taking so that in an emergency paramedics are aware of any complications and don’t have to question an injured or delirious victim.
  • Medical Conditions: Tell Smart911 about your family’s medical conditions - like heart attack and stroke history . This way when they receive a call from an unresponsive caller they can send all the appropriate equipment.
  • Psychiatric Conditions: Notify Smart911 of family members who are suffering from dementia or depression so that when they call 911, call takers can respond appropriately.
  • Allergies: Report your families allergies to Smart911 and we’ll notify paramedics when you call 911. The simple knowledge of food allergies and/or latex allergies can make all the difference.
  • Rescue Notes: For those who require special evacuation equipment due to their weight or medical conditions, alerting Smart911 ahead of time can ensure that paramedics arrive completely prepared.
Special Needs
  • Disabilities: All pertinent information regarding disabilities can be detailed ahead of time so that those with special needs - including speech impediments can count on first responders acting on the preloaded data as opposed to traditional questioning.
  • Disorders: For those who have a family member with Alzheimer’s, Smart911 offers a unique solution. Instantly call takers know the callers condition and refer to the details of the profile - including current location and contact info of family members.
  • Impairments: For the deaf community, Smart911 provides a critical service. While deaf callers are unable to respond to call takers questioning they can rely on their pre-entered profile data.
  • Non-English: By creating a Smart911 profile ahead of time families can be assured that the appropriate translation services will be provided without delay during an emergency call.
Additional Information
  • Restraining Orders: With Smart911, the police will know as they respond to a domestic dispute whether or not there are outstanding restraining orders against either party.
  • Vehicle Information: Include your family’s vehicle information and police can be on the look out for your car as well as your family members as they arrive on the scene after your 911 call.
  • Additional Notes: Smart911 allows you to include any other information - not covered in these other fields - about you and your family that you think could be helpful during a 911 call.