Asphalt Surface Treatment

A Scrub Seal is a light application of asphalt rejuvenator placed directly on the pavement and worked into the surface with a drag broom, with the intent of sealing the pavement and enriching the weathered and oxidized asphalt. A Fog Seal is similar to the Scrub Seal however it does not include application with a drag broom and is utilized on newer pavements. These surface treatments will extend the life of the pavement by slowing the deterioration of the asphalt surface. These areas will also receive pavement patching, curb and gutter repairs to correct drainage deficiencies, sidewalk repair and crack filling. The following streets will receive asphalt surface treatment:
Signage & Updates
This work will begin mid-May and will take approximately 2.5 months to complete. Local signage consisting of “Road Construction Ahead” signs will be posted prior to construction.

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding this project you may call the Village Services Department's Engineering Division at 630-671-5676.