Overnight Parking Regulation
Village ordinance prohibits parking vehicles on a village street between 2- 5 a.m.

Permission Requirements

Overnight parking permission during these hours can be granted by contacting the Police Department. The information required is:
  • Requestor's last name
  • Requestor's address
  • Location of where vehicle is parked
  • Phone number for where the owner of the vehicle can be reached
  • Make of vehicle
  • Model of vehicle
  • Color of vehicle
  • License plate number
  • State the license plate is from
  • Reason why vehicle cannot be parked in driveway
Generally, overnight parking will be granted only 3 times a month per vehicle, unless there is construction of your driveway. If residents need to request longer than 3 nights, special permission may be granted by calling the Bloomingdale Police Department Records Division at 630-529-9868.

No Parking Until Snow Removal Completed
No parking is permitted on any village street after an accumulation of 2 or more inches of snow, until snow removal is completed.