Adopt-A-Stream Program

Working Together for a Common Goal
Preserving DuPage County rivers and streams is a task requiring cooperation and participation from government, industry and residents alike. The DuPage County Adopt-A-Stream program supports the belief that everyone can make a difference in the aquatic habitats and general appeal of the county's waterways.

This program is administered by DuPage County in partnership with The Conservation Foundation. This program allows for local businesses, schools, churches, student groups, organizations, watershed associations and volunteer groups to do their part in restoring and maintaining local streams.

The success of the Adopt-A-Stream program depends on support and participation of groups throughout DuPage County.

Program Goals
The Adopt-A-Stream program aims to reduce debris polluting and clogging our waterways through citizen-stewardship of the county's water resources. Waterway cleanup projects are valuable learning experiences by establishing a connection between citizens and the stream that runs through their community.

Citizens will see firsthand the impacts of their cleanup efforts on the condition of the stream and quality of the water. Working together to improve DuPage County waterways will improve aquatic habitats, water quality and aesthetics. In some cases, improvement in water flow resulting from cleared out waterways may even reduce the potential for localized flooding.