Help Prevent Polluted Runoff Water

Polluted runoff water occurs when rain and melting snow carry pollutants from streets, parking lots, yards or construction sites and wash them into storm drains.

Bloomingdale residents, you can help! Your everyday activities can have a large impact on the water quality in and around the Village of Bloomingdale. By taking simple steps around your home or business, you can help to reduce the amount of polluted water that enters our storm drains and makes its way untreated to our local waterways.

Storm Drains
Help keep the storm drains clean. Only rain and snow melt water should ever go down a storm drain. Keep leaves and other debris from homes, lawns, pets, and vehicles out of storm drains and always remember that anything that enters a storm drain is untreated when it eventually finds its way into a lake, river, or stream.  When leaves are  blown or swept into storm drains and waterways they can become a source of water pollution. Once they reach waterways, leaves decompose and release nutrients into the water, which can result in algae blooms and decreased oxygen for fish.

DuPage County Best Management Practices in Fall & Winter


When you're out walking your pet remember to scoop the poop and dispose of it properly. Leaving pet waste on the ground allows harmful bacteria to wash into the storm drain.

Lawn Care
Use fertilizers and chemicals sparingly. When their use is necessary, follow the directions on the label and do not apply if rain is forecast as the chemicals will be washed into the storm drain. Also, don’t over water your lawn runoff water can carry fertilizer and lawn clippings into the storm drain.

Car Washing
Try to use a commercial car wash as they have water reuse systems; or wash your car on a lawn to minimize the amount of dirty soapy water that flows to the storm drain system and enters a waterway untreated.

Motor Oil & Other Automotive Fluids
Do not let the spilled fluid enter a nearby storm drain! Recycle all automotive fluids at participating recycle centers. Do not pour them down the storm drain or place them in the garbage!

Household Hazardous Waste
Never dump any kind of household hazardous waste into a storm drain! These items such as paint, varnish, cleaners, acids, etc. need to be taken to an approved hazardous waste recycling center.

Report Spills & Other Water Pollution
Report all spills that are potentially life threatening or hazardous in nature by calling 911. Report any non-hazardous spills or illegal dumping to the Village of Bloomingdale Utilities Division at 630-671-5830.