No Dumping – Keep Our Waterways Clean

If you see anyone dumping anything into a storm water inlet, please call the Bloomingdale Police Department non-emergency at 630-529-9868, or the Village Services Utilities Division at 630-671-5830.

Storm Water System vs Sanitary Sewer System
No Dumping Stencil
The storm water collection system is completely separate from our sanitary sewer collection system. Although they both transport flows, their treatment and destinations are distinctive.
Sanitary sewer flows to the village's Water Reclamation Facility, where it is treated and then discharged into the east branch of the DuPage River.

Storm water flows directly into 1 of 3 tributary receiving streams, the east branch DuPage River, the west branch DuPage River, or Springbrook Tributary to Salt Creek, without any pretreatment.

Anything dumped into a storm water inlet will eventually discharge into a natural waterway, endangering our environment. Village Ordinance 92-31 strictly prohibits anything other than storm run-off to be discharged, dumped, placed or deposited into the storm water system. This includes:
  • Debris
  • Flammable or Toxic Substances in Liquid, Gas or Solid Forms
    • Cleaning Solvents
    • Gasoline
    • Motor Oil
    • Paint
    • Paint Cleaners
  • Garbage
  • Landscape Waste
  • Leaves
Consequences for Dumping
Fines in the amount of $50 - $500 can be levied per occurrence. Violators may be responsible for clean-up costs, which are typically thousands of dollars.