Preventing Problems

Coyotes prefer to be as far from humans as possible, but as with other species, a loss of habitat has left them few choices. To prevent problems in your yard, you must eliminate 2 main attractants, which are food and shelter.

Prevention Tips
  • Do not encourage coyotes by feeding them. The majority of cases of bold or aggressive coyotes occur when people feed wildlife.
  • Keep pet food and water dishes inside.
  • Do not allow spills to accumulate below bird feeders.
  • Keep grills and barbecues clean. Even small food scraps may attract animals.
  • If possible, do not keep garbage cans outside.
  • Use enclosed compost bins, not exposed piles. Do not add pet waste, meat, milk or eggs.
  • Keep ground clear of fruit from trees.
  • Protect vegetable gardens with heavy-duty fences.
  • Use welded wire to prevent animals from accessing openings under decks, elevated sheds, concrete slabs and porches.
  • Use frightening devices, such as sirens, sensor lights, or motion-activated sprinkler systems or lights to discourage animals from approaching your house at night.
  • Clear all bushes and dense weeds near the home, where coyotes may find cover and small animals to feed upon.
  • Encourage neighbors to follow these steps to further prevent problems.