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Village Hall Front Sign Posting Request Form

  1. Please fill in the information you would like displayed on the Village Hall Sign. Space limited to 3 rows, 19 characters per line with spaces included, and the message is subject to revision, as deemed appropriate by the village.
  2. Additional Information
    Space is limited to 3 lines of roughly 15 spaces per line. Events sponsored by the Village or Library have 1st priority for posting, followed by significance of a community event in accordance with the Village's Communication Policy, as follows: "The primary objectives of the Village’s public relations / education venues are to empower and educate Bloomingdale residents and businesses, as well as visitors to our community. All information published / posted through any venue must be pertinent and timely to this aforementioned grouping. The village reserves the right to not publish or broadcast information it deems inappropriate and/or due to content space limitations. Information deemed to be profane, for profit, (excluding simple sponsorship recognitions), or of a political or religious purposes shall not be published / posted by the village. The village may choose to publish / post community events hosted by political or religious entities, provided said events are open to the general public, and provided the information neither endorses, disputes, or conveys a religious or political message."
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