Do I need to water or do other maintenance?
No. Village Forester or Village contractors water trees as necessary during the ‘establishment period'. This is usually about a year.

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1. Why is my tree being removed?
2. How many Ash trees does the Village own? What is the Village response plan to the EAB infestation?
3. Instead of removal can the Ash trees be treated? I have heard of new insecticidal treatments?
4. There is an "X" painted on, or a ribbon wrapped around the village parkway tree adjacent to my property. What does that mean?
5. When will the tree removed be replaced?
6. What species of replacement tree will the Village Forester plant?
7. Where will the replacement tree be planted?
8. Who completes the inspection, removal and replanting work?
9. Do I need to water or do other maintenance?
10. Will the Village charge me for the cost of village-owned parkway tree removal and replacement?
11. What about the ash trees on my property?
12. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?