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Nuisance Wildlife Reimbursement Form

  1. Whereas, the Village of Bloomingdale endorses humanitarian and environmentally sensitive nuisance wildlife deterrence options recommended by the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. Whereas, the resident has exhausted all environmentally and humanitarian preferred nuisance wildlife deterrence options. Whereas, the resident desires to employ the services of a licensed trapper to trap, remove and euthanize all skunks on their resident property. Whereas the Village of Bloomingdale adopted a Nuisance Wildlife Control Policy (Resolution 2000-R-5) providing for residential skunk trapping reimbursements for all residents who have complied with said policy. Now therefore in consideration of the premises and of the mutual premises agreements, covenants and undertakings set forth herein, the parties agree as follows:

    • All trapping arrangements are to be made directly between the resident and their licensed trapper of choice who is on file with the village.
    • The resident indemnifies and holds the village and its employees and officers harmless from any and all liability for damages of all kinds, whether it be damage to person or property that may arise from the utilization by the resident of a licensed trapper whose name is supplied to the resident by the village pursuant to this agreement.
    • Any trapping on residential property is an exclusive agreement between the resident and their trapper.
    • As a condition of reimbursement the resident expressly understands and agrees that:
      • Any performance bond or insurance policies required of their trapper, shall in no way limit the resident’s responsibility to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Village of Bloomingdale, its officials, agents, employees from all liability resulting from the trapping on their private property.
      • Reimbursement is limited to $75 for a 1-time set up and $40 for each skunk trapped on the exterior property.
      • The village will not reimburse for interior residential trapping or for trapped non-target wildlife, unless such wildlife has been classified as a nuisance by either the village, or by the Director of Public Works on a per incident basis.
      • Only protected wildlife and domestic animals will be released; all other wildlife trapped will be euthanized, (squirrels, opossums, raccoons, etc.), regardless of whether they are adult or baby animals.
      • All reimbursement requests are to be forwarded to and processed by the Director of Public Works, and must include a copy of the trapper’s detailed paid invoice, identifying the service address, number of skunks trapped, cost per trapped skunk, and number / cost of non-target animals trapped by animal type.
    The village reserves the right to request additional evidence or documentation if in the opinion of the Director of Public Works, the trapping activity and/or billing are found to be questionable.
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